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Alicia was born in Paris, France. She has always had a strong sense of curiosity. Her passion for discovering new things and understanding how they work led her to develop a deep interest in biology in middle school. After a bachelor in life science, Alicia integrated the Magistère Européen de génétique in Paris Cité University which gave her the opportunity to have internships abroad. She worked on the impact of non-canonical splicing mutations in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy on hiPSCs in Maria Carmo-Fonseca lab in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2023, she joined the Vastenhouw Lab for 5 months to work with Noémie on deciphering the mystery behind mir430 compaction in zebrafish.  


Outside of work (in real life), Alicia likes to travel, discover and visit beautiful places, hike, bike, play the piano and try all type of food. 

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