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Jana originates from Austria, where growing up in the Alps kindled her interest in nature and science early on. She attended a higher technical school focused on chemistry engineering where she realized that her interest laid more in biology and living organisms. Therefore, she moved to Innsbruck to obtain her BSc in Biology. As this university is strongly focused on ecology, Jana’s bachelor thesis revolved around elevation-dependent warming in the alpine region guided by Dr. Albin Hammerle. After her bachelor’s degree, she took a short break from academia to explore industry while working for a year at the biotechnology company IDEXX Switzerland, in Bern. This detour made her see that she wanted to learn much more and lead to the decision of starting her Masters in Molecular Life Science in Lausanne. Her interest for embryonic development of zebrafish was caught by the Vastenhouw lab through Hann, Ramya and Martino, with whom she will develop her Master’s thesis about the live-cell imaging of single gene loci. In her life besides science, she likes to hike, do yoga and create things with needlework.

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