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Native of a small village in the other Swiss mountains, Gilles studied biology at the University of Lausanne, following a metabolism-oriented path by completing his Master’s thesis in the CIG-hosted Thorens lab on the regulation of hypothalamic hunger mechanisms. Opting to broaden his horizons, he then spent a few years working in several fields, unrelated to biology. Back to his primary scientific interest, he joined the Minehira lab as her technician, working on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. At the lab closure, he reunited with the CIG to work at the Mouse Metabolic Facility, while also studying the physiological aspects of the deletion of the main repressor of RNA Polymerase III, in Nouria Hernandez’ lab. Then seduced by the - rather exotic to him - lab thematic and model of choice of the Vastenhouw lab, Gilles joined as the lab technician at their arrival in Lausanne, welcoming all of them for this new chapter.

When he has any free time, Gilles enjoys discovering other cultures, past and present – especially by travelling and food tasting – as well as playing the guitar, trying to not only make noise.

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