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Nathalie Clerc, who doesn't know her? She was born and raised in Romanel sur Lausanne, and still lives in the same village. After her apprenticeship, she worked for a few years at the tax office. She didn’t like it too much but her goal was to travel around Australia and and attend an English school. After one trip, she worked a bit and saved money to return to Australia, this time travelling for 9 months in Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia. Nathalie began working at the CIG almost at the same time the institute was inaugurated, in 2005, and has since become part of the furniture of the CIG. Nathalie manages fellowships, human resources and helps everyone on the floor as much as she can so people are happy to come to work. But if you don't clean up your mess on the 4th floor, she’ll chase you with her baseball bat


During her free time, Nathalie is doing Stand Up Paddle and gardening in the summer and a lot of ski in the winter. Watching ice hockey is one of her passion, never missed a game of Lausanne since she was 13 years old. Lately she’s into swimming into Lac Léman, even when the temp drops below 10C!!! Food, drinks, location, nature, events activity, people, any other tips that you need …. she’s the person to go to see! She also grows fishes…..but not for experiments :o)

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