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Celebrating Dr. Noémie: Our Nanog Ninja!

Hold onto your lab coats, folks!

We're thrilled to announce that just yesterday, Noémie gave her private PhD defence, with an illuminating talk on how the transcription factor Nanog activates transcription. In a compelling presentation, she not only showcased her deep understanding of the subject but also convinced her committee that she is truly deserving of the coveted PhD title.

As Dr. Noémie joins the ranks of the PhD elite, we can't help but zoom in on her nanog-nificent achievement. So here's to Dr. Noémie, the microscopy maven who turned Nanog dreams into high-resolution reality! May your future experiments be as focused as your lens!

Let's raise a beaker (or two) to Dr. Noémie!!! Cheers to your PhD success! 🥂👩‍🎓


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