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Farewell to Jana and Ramya!

It's with a mix of emotions that we bid adieu to our beloved colleagues, Jana Brenner and Ramya Purkanti. Their departure from the lab marks the end of an era filled with fun research, endless coffee-fueled experiments, and of course, countless unforgettable moments.

But let's be real, it's not just their scientific prowess that we'll miss. Who else will perfectly time their jokes to lighten up even the most intense lab meetings? Or spontaneously break into a dance to celebrate a successful experiment (or to distract from a failed one)?

Jana and Ramya, your laughter, camaraderie, and unique personalities have made our lab a brighter and more enjoyable place to work. While we'll miss having you around, we're excited to see where your next scientific adventures take you.

So here's to Jana and Ramya! Cheers to new beginnings and endless discoveries!


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