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Genome Architecture and Function Conference!

From the 3rd -8th June 2023, Nadine, Martino and Shivali attended the Genome Architecture and Function summer school/conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. This exciting conference brought together researchers from around the world who focused on various aspects of genome organisation. It provided a unique opportunity to interact not only with experimentalists but also with physicists and mathematicians studying the physics of genome organisation and developing predictive models based on experimental data.

The summer school featured workshops on constructing minimal chromosomal models, utilising machine learning models for analysing fluorescent microscopy images, interpreting sequencing experiments, employing software tools for visualising and comparing Hi-C data, and an introduction to LAMMPS (Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator) for Biomolecular applications.

The conference featured an excellent lineup of speakers, including pioneers in the field and featured super-cool stories from labs working on the different aspects of genome organisation ranging from genome evolution, DNA repair, genome structure and condensates. Nadine delivered a talk entitled "The organisation of transcription in nuclear space" which sparked engaging and enlightening discussions.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To prevent this, the organisers ensured a balance between work and leisure. They arranged a splendid four-course dinner at the Shtastlivetsa Restaurant, where participants enjoyed delicious local Bulgarian cuisine, fine wine, and lively music and dance. On the final day, a cultural tour of Sofia was organised, offering participants the opportunity to explore Roman ruins, visit old churches and galleries, and navigate the city's winding streets and catacombs.

Overall, the conference provided us with fresh perspectives, new ideas, and a wealth of information to take home.


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