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Vasten-hikers hit the trails!

With the hiking season starting and summer finally here, we headed out for the Alps last weekend. On Saturday morning we checked in the Lausanne station, from where we took a train that brought us to Aletsch - a 23-km-long glacier, which is also the longest glacier in Europe!

The hike of 20 kilometers allowed us to see Aletsch from above, but also took us directly to it, and we could even take few steps on top of the ice! That's what made us realize how big the glacier is - it's something you can't appreciate looking from above. While enjoying beautiful views, we've also reflected on the impact of global warming on glaciers - Aletsch gets shorter and shorter every year. After the day full of excitement we've all had a good sleep on the train back.

It's been a great start of the hiking season and we're looking forward to more!


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