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Fish and Kids

On July 19, 2023, we welcomed a young audience. Fifteen four-year olds went on an outing to the CIG to learn about the zebrafish.

Alicia, Dora, and Edlyn led several activities in the conference room, giving the children their first "pipetting" experience, colouring in zebrafish pulling on chromatin, and doing arts & crafts to make their own happy colourful fish.

Nadine shuttled the kids in small groups to meet the zebrafish. Pedro, technician of the Fish Unit, gave the kids a tour of the fish room, where they had the opportunity to see the zebrafish up close and under the microscope.

Looking forward to introducing zebrafish to more people!


Check out some photos from our fish & kids afternoon:

Dora, Alicia, and Edlyn setting up the conference room.

And here they come!

Interested in doing similar activities? Here are some ideas:

Drawing/colouring template:

Download PDF • 332KB


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