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Fish-tastic Fun with Future Scientists!

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the "Fish and Kids Version 2.0" and it was a splash hit!

We invited a group of kindergarteners for some fishy fun! Our young visitors dove into various activities, starting with some colorful water play. They pipetted colored water like pros and created fishy masterpieces with paint. The excitement bubbled up when they took a closer look at fish embryos under the microscope—truly a school of future scientists in the making!

The grand finale was a fin-tastic tour of our fish room. It was a day full of laughter, learning, and lots of scales.

Thanks to Nadine, Pedro, Dora, Nathalie and Arianna who helped make this day unforgettable. We’re certain we reeled in some budding biologists!

Stay tuned for more fin-credible adventures!


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