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🐠 Fun Times at the Swiss Zebrafish Meet in Geneva! 🐠

Martino, Arsenii, and Nadine recently attended the Swiss Zebrafish Meeting 2023 on the 30th of June, in Geneva.

The event provided a platform for engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and fruitful interactions with fellow zebrafish researchers and experts. We are thrilled to have our team members actively contributing to the vibrant scientific community and fostering collaboration in the field.

Nadine delivered a captivating talk, sharing her expertise and shedding light on initiating transcription in zebrafish embryos. Martino presented his work on transcription bodies during the poster session. All of these sparked engaging and thought provoking discussions.

We are grateful for this enriching experience and eagerly look forward to the next Swiss Zebrafish Meet, where we can continue to exchange ideas, forge new collaborations, and make further advancements in the fascinating world of zebrafish research!


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