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The end of our "MPI-CBG, Dresden" chapter

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

8 years ago, the Vastenhouw Lab opened at the MPI-CBG, in Dresden.

By January 2021, the lab will begin a new chapter at the Center for Integrative Genomic University of Lausanne (CIG UNIL), in Switzerland.

To mark the end of our "MPI-CBG, Dresden" chapter, we originally wanted to make use of the tent outside of the institute, and have Vastenhouse (or Vastenhaus) as a place for our friends and colleagues of CBG and CSBD to say goodbye, look back on the shared memories, as well as look ahead to what's to come. What would have been a one last #funwithvastenhouwies à la Dresden! Sadly, COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from such gatherings, and we must continue on the fight against the spread of the virus.

So, we've put together a VIRTUAL MEMORY BOOK to look back on our times here in Dresden. Many many thanks to our amazing colleagues, from getting us settled here in Dresden, to helping us with our research in so many ways, to making MPI-CBG a fun place for science, research, and hanging out. Thank you for the many fond memories!

We invite you to look through our album and to leave us a message (with your name) below.

You are always welcome to stop by the 4th floor to personally say goodbye to us.

Happy reading and enjoy walking down our CBG-Dresden memory lane.

Photo credits: Vastenhouw lab members, Katrin Boes, Photolab

The MPI-CBG institute

We will miss the sight of our blue-green building that welcomes us every day to work. The many-bikes parked outside the institute is one of many reasons why Dresden is a great place to be: bike-friendly. And biking in Lausanne will definitely not be as smooth...

Fitting with the architectural design and "Dresden Model" (CBG as a place that "promotes synergy, cooperation and community"), you'll find exactly many of such moments from our pictures: for celebrations (birthdays, grants, publications, PhD defenses), scientific discussions and collaborations, institute-wide gatherings (seminars, meet-the-speaker beer hours, Carnival, Halloween and Christmas parties), German lunch, Long Night of Science, and even the location for the very first EMBOmzt (Awakening of the genome: the maternal-to-zygotic transition).

Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD)

We witnessed the building and the 2017 opening of the CSBD. The CSBD also conjures up many memories: visit to the famous CAVE, vernissage (Christina Schubert's exhibition “READing Color"), Microscopy course, lunch by the cafe and BBQ on the terrace, coding chairs, the moss wall, seminars, and the "Life after 5" room.

Outside of CBG

Interactions with our peers extend outside the MPI-CBG. Whether it is a bike trip along the Elbe, celebrations for a joint grant (VW Foundation Grant with the Brugues lab), Easter egg painting with the Pigino lab, lab retreat with Thomas Quail and Vasily Zaburdaev, CBG Day - 200 people rafting along the Elbe, gathering all the Canadians together for a Canada Day celebration, or participating in DRESDEN-concept Science cruise. So many memories beyond CBG!

Predoc community

As part of the IMPRS PhD program, we had the honour of meeting many colleagues and friends that have made our experience at the MPI really fun. In the past, the Vastenhouw pre-docs have been an active part of the CBG pre-doc community, helping to organize events such as the annual PhD selection parties, Biolympics, the PhD retreat, and Career Day. Members of our lab have also strived to improve the working conditions of PhD students in the IMPRS by taking on active roles in the Student Representatives committee. These experiences have brightened our days at the CBG and we will hold the memories and friendships built here dearly as we begin our new adventure in Lausanne!

Postdoc community

MPI-CBG has a strong sense of community among postdocs, led by the Postdoc Reps. We are grateful for the friendships and support over the years. We are also thankful for the many opportunities to be involved in various aspects of research life: serving on different committees that exist at the CBG (such as the International Thursday Seminar Series) and organizing and participating in annual events like the Postdoc retreat, Summer Chalk Talk series, Postdoc-Faculty mixer, and "Pimp Your Postdoc" Seminar Series. In recent years, the Public Relations Internship Program was established to allow interested postdocs the opportunity to participate in Science Communication activities with the Media Technologies Outreach (MTO) Office. A truly amazing and rewarding experience! Thank you all for bringing so much fun and challenges to our postdoc life at the MPI-CBG!

433N: Vastenhouw lab

One door closes, another one opens. We bid farewell to Room 433N, where we brewed science for 8 years. We will miss views of the Elbe River, sunrise and sunsets, and occasionally incoming storms, hot air balloons, fireworks, and rainbows.

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So many great pictures and fun memories! You had a wonderful time at CBG and it should continue in Lausanne! I wish you good luck with the move and with the new start. Every beginning is hard (and exciting!), but in a year you should feel all settled. It is sad to see so many labs departing this year. CBG will not be the same without you all. Best wishes! Agnes

ps. See you next year for the goodbye symposium and party :)

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