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Vastenhouwlab Retreat 2022

After COVID and its many restrictions, lab move to Lausanne, and new lab members joining one after another, the Vastenhouw Lab was finally able to gather under one roof for a lab retreat in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, southeastern region of France, by Lake Annecy.

The retreat featured many team building activities, requiring Vastenhouwies to use their knowledge, experience, creativity, and testing their communication skills. As many of us learnt, cooking for 12 people is a difficult and long task! We also visited the cute and beautiful city of Annecy, with Lake Annecy and the mountainous backdrop almost as amazing as our Lake Léman.

Happy 10th anniversary Vastenhouw Lab!

We also took this opportunity to throw Nadine a surprise celebration for the lab’s 10th anniversary. The traditional cake-cutting (a delicious tiramisu made by Maciej) and champagne bottle opening were on the agenda. A movie montage featuring many lab alumni, old colleagues and friends of Nadine from across the years, and current CIG peers, shared their wishes.

Cheers to many more #funwithvastenhouwies moments and scientific discoveries!


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